About me


Hey! Thank you for making it to my site. I’m Sachinee – just your regular brown girl who’s anxious about basically everything. I’m a Melbourne-based mental health and LGBTIQ advocate from Sri Lanka; a little island which has the fourth highest suicide rate in the world. Despite the high suicide rate, very few Sri Lankans are willing to speak about their mental illnesses due to the stigma attached to it. I started this blog to help people fighting mental illnesses by sharing my coping mechanisms, and to help break the stigma surrounding mental illness. I’m also going to share stories of others in my mental health series and my LGBTIQ series to help those who are struggling feel less alone. If at least one person feels less alone in their struggle because of my blog, I would have achieved my goal.

If you’d like to get interviewed for my mental health series or my LGBTIQ series email me on sachinee01@hotmail.com 🙂 Suggestions and collaborations are welcome.

However, please do understand this isn’t professional advice and is only what has worked for me/ others  in the past. So if you think you require professional support, see your GP first!

My site is still a work in progress, so please bear with me.

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